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Seinfeld vs. Married with children

MesajScris: 20-Mai-2006, 18:32
de Sylver
Mizez pe "Seinfeld" . Imagine

Re: Seinfeld vs. Married with children

MesajScris: 21-Mai-2006, 13:41
de Lavy's
Sylver Cheetah 53 scrie:Mizez pe "Seinfeld" . Imagine

Subscriu . Imagine

MesajScris: 21-Mai-2006, 14:31
de Mircea
Seinfeld ii cu mult mai bun :D

MesajScris: 21-Mai-2006, 14:34
de Sylver
Mircea scrie:Seinfeld ii cu mult mai bun :D

Dar in România nu-l mai bagă nimeni . Imagine

MesajScris: 21-Mai-2006, 14:42
de Mircea
fa si tu cerinta pe posturi

MesajScris: 21-Mai-2006, 14:45
de Sylver
Mircea scrie:fa si tu cerinta pe posturi

Le-am trimis un mail celor de la Pro Cinema , dar nik . Imagine

MesajScris: 21-Mai-2006, 19:36
de Simy
Eu nu prea am vazut Seinfeld cry
Dar daca si TEO si VOI spune-ti ca-i bun...atunci asa e cool

Pana atunci ma abtin wink

MesajScris: 23-Mai-2006, 17:28
de kris_s
De cel de`al doilea nu am auzit. eek

MesajScris: 23-Mai-2006, 17:30
de Sylver
kris_s scrie:De cel de`al doilea nu am auzit. eek

La noi rulează sub numele "Familia Bundy" . Imagine

MesajScris: 23-Mai-2006, 17:31
de kris_s
Sylver Cheetah 53 scrie:
kris_s scrie:De cel de`al doilea nu am auzit. eek

La noi rulează sub numele "Familia Bundy" . Imagine

Era mai simplu sa zici asa. razz

MesajScris: 23-Mai-2006, 17:33
de Sylver
kris_s scrie:
Sylver Cheetah 53 scrie:
kris_s scrie:De cel de`al doilea nu am auzit. eek

La noi rulează sub numele "Familia Bundy" . Imagine

Era mai simplu sa zici asa. razz

Am vrut să mă dau şmecher , că ştiu cuvinte englezoriciase , d'alea . Imagine

MesajScris: 1-Iun-2006, 14:00
de Sylver
Replici celebre din "Seinfeld" Imagine
"Yada yada yada" — Various characters
"Maybe the dingo ate your baby! — Elaine
"But I don't wanna be a pirate!" — Jerry
"I've yada yada'd sex." — Elaine
"I am speechless, I have no speech!" — George
"I'm speechless. I am without speech." — Elaine
"Get out!" — Elaine
"No soup for you!" — Soup Nazi
"They're real, and they're spectacular." — Sidra
"Mulva?" — Jerry
"Who leaves a country packed with ponies to come to a non-pony country?" — Jerry
"Look to the cookie, Elaine. Look to the cookie." — Jerry
"They're (Marriage and family are) prisons. Man ma de prisons. You're doing time. You get up in the morning. She's there. You go to sleep at night. She's there. It's like you gotta ask permission to use the bathroom. Is it all right if I use the bathroom now?" — Kramer
"Not that there's anything wrong with that!" — Jerry
"The question is, are you still Master of Your Domain?" — Jerry
"I had a dream last night that a hamburger was eating ME!" — Jerry
"Sweet justice! Newman, you are wise." — Kramer (when Newman decides Kramer is the true bike owner)
"I'm at the corner of First and… First?! How can the same street intersect with itself? I must be at the nexus of the universe!" — Kramer
"These pretzels are making me thirsty!" — Kramer
"Serenity now!" — Various characters
"Like I don't know that I'm pathetic!" — George
"I got a lotta problems with you people!" — Frank Costanza
"Pez?" — Jerry
"I'm down!" — Kramer
"They should be sent to Australia" — Kramer
"Geishas; they cater to your every whim. They're shy at first, but they're quite skilled at conversation. They can discuss anything from world affairs to the fine art of fishing or… baking." — Kramer
"Pulp can move, baby!" — George
"They say ostrich has less fat, but you eat more of it." — George
"Hello, Newman." — Jerry
"Hoochie Mama!" — Frank & Kramer
"You want a piece of me? You got it!" — Frank
"We meet at last, Mr. Peanut." — George
"I saw Jane topless!" — Kramer
"You gotta see the baby!" — Elaine's friend
"You've out-Neiled him!" — Jerry
"That's you? I think the M&M should be you." — Jerry
"I take these glasses off, you can't tell the difference between me and a rock. You put these glasses on a rock, you know what pops into most people's heads? Costanza!" — George
"Drop your purse, honey." — Izzy Mandelbaum
"What in the name of… are these your sausages?" — Izzy Mandelbaum
"You know what you are? You're a ribbon bully." — Kramer
"I say we get him!" — Kramer
"My boys can swim!" — George
"A George divided against himself cannot stand!"— George
"Yeah I'm a cop, I'm a good cop, I'm a damn good cop!" — Kramer
"I dropped a grape." — Elaine
"The second button makes or breaks the shirt" — Jerry
"There are no BIG coincidences and small coincidences. There are simply coincidences." — Rava
"But he LOVES Rava! Worse, he loves Ray, and he doesn't think you're funny at all." — Elaine
"I'm out!" — Kramer
"It's go time!" — Izzy Mandelbaum
"That's kookie talk!" — Kramer
"You're an anti-Dentite!" — Kramer
"Who's gonna turn down a Junior Mint?" — Kramer
"Something beyond science. Something perhaps from above …" — Surgeon
"It's like my brain is facing my penis in a chess game." — Jerry

MesajScris: 1-Iun-2006, 15:43
de Ada
super tareee lol

MesajScris: 1-Iun-2006, 21:11
de mariusz5692
Mai mult umor are Familia Bundy. Nu pot sa rad la comanda ca la Seinfeld.

MesajScris: 14-Oct-2006, 15:55
de woozy
familia bundy e jaf :)
seinfield e misto, dar nu ma uit la el ca nu am timp :(

MesajScris: 15-Oct-2006, 15:16
de Sylver
Am votat "Seinfeld". Imagine

MesajScris: 15-Oct-2006, 16:55
de Paulici
Sylver Cheetah 53 scrie:Am votat "Seinfeld". Imagine

Subscriu Imagine
Familia Bundy nu ma prea impresioneaza asa mult. Imagine

MesajScris: 20-Oct-2006, 08:00
de Mircea
Mi-a placut amandoua seriale dar Seinfeld a fost mai misto :lol:

MesajScris: 20-Oct-2006, 16:42
de Sylver
Mircea scrie:Mi-a placut amandoua seriale dar Seinfeld a fost mai misto :lol:

A fost şi încă este. Imagine

MesajScris: 23-Aug-2007, 19:08
de sabina
Amandoua seriale imi plac, dar Bundy parca avea un umor usor-deplasat, cu niste poante cam expirate; asa ca votez cu Seinfeld.

MesajScris: 9-Sep-2008, 09:23
de Sylver
A reînceput "Seinfeld"! [:-P [:-P [:-P
De luni pînă joi, de la 21:00 la 22:00 (cîte două episoade) şi în reluare de la 9 dimineaţa, pe Pro Cinema. :)


MesajScris: 14-Sep-2008, 01:10
de NightCrawler
Ma, toate ca toate... da` au tot circulat neste poze pe net cu renumita familie Bundy... erau sau nu erau pe bune?

MesajScris: 26-Sep-2008, 13:26
de pussycat

MesajScris: 3-Oct-2008, 05:07
de florin
ambele seriale au fost sunt si vor ramane in amintirea mea,dar bundy are o bila in plus :)

MesajScris: 5-Oct-2008, 00:48
de NightCrawler
Vai... o spui de parca ar fi ajutat la eradicarea foametei, SIDA si a cancerului filmele astea doua. :|